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ELSA France’s Virtual Teacher Development Day
13 March 2021
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Anna Clow

International school of Lyon
A graduate of the Froebel Institute in London, Anna Clow has spent many years teaching in schools in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. She has always used music as an integral part of her practice, and continues to lead workshops demonstrating how the patterns of sound and rhythm serve as a precursor in enabling children to speak and use language well. She has recently published a series of pedagogically-led song books for the Early Years using music to develop communication skills, physical development (fine and gross motor skills) and enhancing social interaction.
Anna has been invited twice to present her resources at Music EXPO in London and has recently been shortlisted for the 2018 Early Years Excellence Awards.
Anna was the English Coordinator at the EIB, Lamartine in Paris before recently moving to the International school of Lyon.
You can download Anna’s resources at www.musicbuds.org
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